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£16.95 inc p&p (UK) size 17"x 7"
Design by Jo Huntt
We can do names of up to 11 characters. There is a choice of backgrounds, blue, pink, honey, blue gingham and pink gingham. Plus a choice of corners, blue hearts, pink hearts, blue buttons, pink buttons or if you wish, no corners. We can add one or two words at the bottom e.g. Room, Den etc. Or if it's quite short, a dedication e.g. Born on etc. You can order online using PayPal and the shopping trolley, or you can fill in an order form and pay by post using a cheque.
e.g Pink background / pink hearts
e.g. Pink background / pink buttons
e.g. Blue background / blue buttons
e.g. Cream background / no corners
e.g. Blue background / blue hearts

To order online using PayPal,

1. Type your choice of name (maximum 11 letters), background colour and corner decorations (if you would like them), into the first box below, eg. William, Blue, Blue hearts.

2. Type your word or words to be added, e.g. Room, Sleeps here etc.

U.K. £16.95 inc p&p.
Southern Ireland /Europe £20.75 inc p&p.
All other countries £25.55 inc p&p.
Style Name Background Corners
Extra words
Style Name Background Corners
Extra words
Style Name Background Corners
Extra words
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