February 2017.  

We thought it was about time we wrote a little about ourselves. Jo studied graphic design at Coventry College of Art and worked in advertising agencies in Leicester and Coventry. Norm studied engineering in Liverpool CAT and moved to Rugby to worked as a research engineer at Cawston.
After the birth of their first child, Jo and Norm set up their own illustration and print workshop at home. Originally called 'Wood & Paper', the print workshop produced limited edition screen prints (mainly countryside scenes) greetings cards and printed wooden toys.

Quite a few people tell us that they still have our screen prints hanging in their homes! Some have even found their way into television program room sets and hotels.
Luckily, at the time, the craft scene was coming into it's own and we managed to completely sell out every design of our limited edition screen prints.
Everything was hand done, no machines, just arm power, screens cleaned in the bath and prints racked all over the house.

Our four children were very good and put up with us working from home, one in particular managed to squeeze her way through the prints that were laid on the floor to dry and placed a white feather right on the nose of a sun print!

We supplied shops and galleries and did annual shows like 'The Town and Country Festival' at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire (for 21 years). From there we progressed to the larger shows, travelling all over the country, some were very good, some not so good.

In the late seventies Norm gave up his career as a Chartered Engineer, so that we could work together full time. We changed our name to 'The Marmalade Cat' and it wasn't long before we started producing lithographic prints and cards. It was these that led to our Nameframes; starting with the Alphabears and progressing to the Nameframes we produce today; we were, I think, the originators of Nameframes.

Yes, we do have a Marmalade Cat, and his name is Humphrey. He is about fourteen years old and he is always popping up somewhere. He loves to sit on our laps, although he does have rather sharp claws! When he wants to come in he has learnt to bang on the workshop door with both paws.

We now produce a large range of Nameframes, clocks, books etc, all personalised with Jo's illustrations. Nowadays we print digitally, but everything is still done in-house.